Carry out your building project

Our firm offers its customers particular, tailored and exclusive products.
The activity organization follows precise and systematic working phases:
-    Technical analysis of a requested work;
-    Study and elaboration of the project using modern technologies and computer programs;
-    Internal project checks;
-    Project execution with supply and assembly of structures, and technical check by external professionals.

Every project is elaborated on the basis of structural calculations, dimension examinations, safety plans and surveys in order to propose a realistic quote, which is at the same time clear and transparent for the client.


Live in a healthy house

Dwelling in a wooden house means living in a healthy environment, because:

- it assures us optimal conditions, greater well-being and psychophysical benefit;

- it is a house free from moulds, air leaks and thermal bridges;

- it creates an ideal microclimate to people who live in it.

The construction system includes a perfect, thermal and acoustic insulation and at the same time it keeps an optimal air circulation and an adequate humidity rate.


A wood construction respects the environment for three reasons:

1. It respects materials at source through programmed tree cuts which do not damage forests, but on the contrary, they stimulate their re-growth.

2. It respects the air we breathe: wood has no impact on global warming.

3. It saves energy as it requires a smaller amount of fuel for heating and cooling processes, it needs less energy to be built and produces fewer wastes in the building site.

Wood has a high static resistance and specific characteristics of thermal and acoustic insulation which identify it as an ideal construction material.