Today, Sala Guido Legnami continues to provide a range of activities such as planning, execution, marketing and building of wood covering structures as well as maintaining its historic role as a timber merchant.

The activity is predominantly organized in precise and systematic phases:

  • technical analysis of requested work,
  • study and elaboration of the project through modern technologies and computer programs,
  • internal project checks,
  • carrying out of project, including supply and assembling of structures and technical external checks by third party professionals.

Our clientele is mostly composed of professionals, building firms and private citizens who need particular, exclusive, and made-to-measure products. New building methods and advanced working techniques allow us to find solutions which satisfy our clients’ demands.

Every project is elaborated on the basis of structural calculations, dimension examinations, safety plans and surveys in order to propose a realistic, yet at the same time clear and transparent, quote for the client. The quote represents, for both parts, the first step in the search for services which provide value for money.

The production phase begins with the approval of the project and quote. Thanks to the most up-to-date and sophisticated European software in this sector it is possible to elaborate the data necessary for this process which are then transferred from the technical office to the production site. The creation of different elements of the structure is carried out using complex cutting machinery and a numerical control processing system.

The assembly of the different parts of a structure is often carried out at the production centre, provided that it is logistically possible to transport the finished product, access the building site, lift the structure, respect time restrictions, etc. In particular, in glued laminated timber buildings where hidden ironware fixtures and epoxy resins are used, a lot of attention and accuracy is required, which is not always possible on building sites. Only in rare cases are some project modifications carried out on the building site during roof assembly (according to orders issued by operations management upon the client’s request).

Exceptional transportation and lifting operations are entrusted to competent hauliers with proven experience, and the on-site laying and assembly of the structures are also executed by properly equipped specialist carpenters and roofers who have operated for many years under the coordination of the company’s technical office.

The company, mindful of the continuous evolution in this sector, pursues targets of primary importance such as quality, new products and new technologies, and, thanks to professionalism of its team, can satisfy its constantly growing clientele’s every need.