Roof insulation packages

We propose four typologies of roof insulating package. Yet, on request, we can provide any insulating ‘configuration’ suitable for your needs.

The composition features of the different insulating packages depend on summery thermal lag, total transmittance of the package and acoustic test carried out at CNR (NRC) in Milan. The different types of insulator are polystyrene, mineral wool, cork and wood fibre. The choice of the most suitable package is determined by the comfort and wellbeing desirable in the attic (if habitable), as well as by the economic budget. Our technical personnel will be glad to give information and advice about the best choice for your needs.

All roof packages of new constructions have been compliant with Lombardia standards since 01.01.2016 – thermal transmittance U≤0.22 W/m2 K.

Characteristics of insulating package

Pacchetto Isolamento fibra di legno
Pacchetto Isolamento lana di roccia
Pacchetto Isolamento polistirene
Pacchetto Isolamento sughero

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Wood fibre

Mineral wool