Training, research and instruction are decisive for the future of any business. A knowledge- and innovation-based growth can occur only through trained, skilled and constantly updated collaborators and professionals.

Training implies an increase of productivity, promotes modernization and helps to improve competitiveness and market share.

Therefore, our company is not only keen on a formative growth of our own employees, but it also cooperates with universities and professional associations in order to share experiences and design skills, and support firms and operators of wood sector.

Our commitment is not addressed to training only, but it extends to information as well: the participations to building fairs on our territory have become opportunities of visibility for our company and, at the same time, the public has the chance of knowing new constructional horizons.

We think it is fundamental to inform professionals, designers and our customers in general, since the use of new technologies and materials has brought considerable transformations  in the construction methods context and in resource optimization.

Hence, training and information are essential for us to offer a technical and commercial support able to meet private individuals and firms’ expectations.