Building materials

We offer a wide assortment of wood carpentry and building products. Our materials have a high quality standard, CE product certifications and, wherever needed, test accounts carried out by institutions authorized to issue technical-mechanical reports.

The quality of our products is the result of: 
- use of modern machinery; 
- efficient business organization; 
- careful selection of providers who can ensure excellent standards in terms of product quality and punctuality of deliveries; 
- careful management of all processes; 
- close check of all raw materials used.


Building materials

• Timber beam
     Fir, Larch and Oak glulam – straight and curved
     KVH Glt
     Timber beam ht 20 plus

 • Solid timber
     Uso fiume rough and planed
     Uso trieste rough and planed

• Sawn timber
    Timber boards

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• Plank texture
     Timber planks mm.10/15/20 - 32/38 - 42/48

• Wooden panels
     Formwork panels 
     OSB timber boards 

• Timber battens
     Timber battens 2.5x5 (1"x1,97")
     Timber battens 4x5 (1.57"x1,97")

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• Velux® roof windows 

• Life line - Anti fall system

• Metal fixing elements

• Various ironware fixtures

Polistireni espansi/estrusi
Pannelli OSB
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Pannelli armatua

• Epoxyde xepox adhesive for structural usage (info

• Breathable heat reflecting roof tarpaulins

• Insulators
    Wood fibre
    Glass wool and mineral wool
    Polystyrene (expanded, extruded)

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