Quotes and surveys

We offer professional advice on low energy building, we provide customized quotes and carry out state-of-the art works in accordance within agreed conditions and deadlines. 

The experience of building renovation and new constructions gained over the last decades enables us to deal with any kind of quote, from the simplest ones (pergolas, door canopies, garden sheds, etc.) up to important works such as sports halls, shopping centers, bridges and other structures.

We have carried out a broad typology of works adopting modern techniques and qualified skilled workers. Our operative structure is trained to tackle both new works and ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance interventions.

Our primary goal is the customer satisfaction and thanks to a flexible organization and to the experience gained over the years we ensure the highest quality and punctuality in the execution of works.


Surveys are also an integral part of the proposed services.

By means of surveys, we can offer our customer a pre-cut roof ready to be laid. This stage represents the starting point to elaborate the definitive production design, both in the case of simple supply and when a full service of roof laying and assembly is provided.

In fact, the correct placing of the points of support and the right size of floors and perimeter walls allow to produce a precise executive design with the certainty of making accurate cuts and products.

In the execution phase, our internal workers (or external construction companies if material is simply provided) can build a roof (or a house) as if they dealt with an assembly kit, with the result of reducing time, costs, and most importantly, totally avoiding possible roof laying errors.