If you are attentive to the environmental issues of our planet, you must know what is meant by sustainable development: it is a form of economic development that meets human needs without undermining the integrity and stability of the natural systems so that the natural resources will remain available for the future generations.

For this reason, it is of paramount importance to humans to use renewable resources and make wood the protagonist in eco friendly architecture.

Construction timber comes exclusively from forests where the felled trees are fewer than the replanted ones.

This sustainable reforestation helps forests themselves grow and filter the air of the planet.

Therefore, industrialized and worldwide production is possible today following precise environmental policies.

In architecture, the concept of eco-friendliness has become increasingly important: an eco friendly design naturally integrates into the ecosystem without oppressing  it and without constraints being applied.

Even in this case, wood is the winning choice: besides supporting forests, it does not require great amounts of working energy, it does not produce hazardous waste, it is recyclable, it limits energy consumptions and is healthy for people.

That is the reason why the most ancient of materials is also the material of the future.