Pellet is the result of a mechanical processing in which wood shavings and sawdust are subjected to strong compression while they pass through a roller with typically 6 mm holes (there are 8 and 12 mm hole versions too). The heat released during this phase activates the binding effect of lignin, a natural wood component which keeps this material compact and in a cylindrical shape. Pellet is therefore a totally natural product without any glue content or chemical artificial substance.

In our production, the raw material is represented by wastes from plank textures and other solid wood planing. Instead of having this material disposed of by special firms, this residual product has now a second life and 100% utilization thanks to an increasing environmental consciousness.





represents the best alternative to traditional heating fuels: it is easily available, practical to carry, ecological, economical and safe.

Pellet is packed in 15 kg bags, which take a minimal amount of space, it does not dirty, nor does it raise the dust when it is handled.

The main quality of pellet is its high thermal yield (over 80%) and its low final ash residue (only 350gr out of 100Kg of pellet burnt).

Data sheet of Calò Pellet produced by our company.

Scheda tecnica pellet

Scheda tecnica pellet

We also sell EN Plus A1 certified pellet in 15 Kg bags packed on 70 bags pallets.


Recommendations on the use of pellet:

1. Fill the pellet stove properly bearing in mind that pellet expands while burning;

2. Protect pellet from humidity;

3. Use pellet with special pellet stoves, boilers or heating systems;

4. Ashes produced are usable as an effective fertilizer.